Friday, March 27, 2009

waco wetlands

so, my photography class took a field trip to the "waco wetlands", and elle was our model. here are the results :)
See more on the RedBird Photography blog
These were obviously not taken by me, since I am in them. Curtis, my instructor, took this one.
Gina, a classmate, took this one:


Erin DuBroc said...

beautiful as always...elle is getting so big!

wish i could pull off the headbead thing like you do...

Allison said...

Okay those ARE good photos...but it really fair that your subject is so stinking cute? I mean, is it possible to take a bad photo of her? :)

KF said...

Nik!! Just took another peek at the website, you are getting better and better with every shot!!! The picks are looking just AMAZING!!! I need to hook you up with some Wdls mommies so you can come play!! I love you!!