Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eleanor laughing is like a song.

So this video was taken a couple of weeks ago, and I'm just now getting around to putting it up. For a few weeks now, Elle has decided that spitting out her food is more fun than eating it. Sometimes we'll put the food in her mouth, and as soon as we move the spoon away, she starts spitting it out. We say "no" and this works sometimes, but not always.

This video was taken at Nikki's parents' house in Jacksonville (they're doing some re-modeling on the inside, so that's why the background looks like a disaster zone). As Nikki's dad was feeding Eleanor, she was of course spitting out the food. But for some reason, when he said "no" to her, she thought that was absolutely hilarious. This was the most she had ever laughed.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Let it be known: he promised to call me "Master Nikki"

... he also told me that once he got his PhD and everyone starts calling him Dr. Rhodes (hypothetically), that mine would still be better because the rule is that you always go by your final degree, and mine would of course be Master, and everyone knows a master is better than a doctor--- please.

he won lots of points that day.

In all seriousness, he has won a LOT of points every day for the past two years as I have been commuting to school, working, pregnant, and mommy-ing. I haven't been what you would call "around" much, but Jeremy and Elle have both been the most supportive, patient, and encouraging little family I could ever ask for. I owe my ability to finish to them and the good Lord for holding us all together.