Sunday, February 8, 2009


the long-awaited and much anticipated (by me :)).... Redbird Photography!
I (Nikki) am so excited and have been planning/ working on for months my own *little* (and I mean LITTLE) business, which you will see a small portion of at this link. I have been buying equipment, talking about taxes, business names, marketing, prices, mentoring, designing websites (mine is "under construction"), taking a class (SO thrilled to be taught by Curtis Callaway), and of course, taking a few photos here and there...
...and though I'm not in a technical "launching" phase, I think I'm ready to tell the blogging world:)

Here are a few new shots of elle at the dam--

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So many pictures, So little time...

ok, let's get started. First, Macy's Birthday Party on Saturday. I (Nikki) took a million pictures because I am enrolled in an advanced photography class and I had an assignment due (ie- use two light sources), so I was busy trying to kill about 17 birds with one stone that day. Results are as follows: (and all the rest of the party pics- 'cause there are a LOT) are here.


Campbell Rose


Elle was a ham, as usual.
ok, these sunglasses were TOO cute. I hope mom is ok with her being on my blog. Check here for the rest of the party pics.

Macy LOVED her mini-horse. I mean, LOVED it. It was awesome. The photos are proof.