Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So many pictures, So little time...

ok, let's get started. First, Macy's Birthday Party on Saturday. I (Nikki) took a million pictures because I am enrolled in an advanced photography class and I had an assignment due (ie- use two light sources), so I was busy trying to kill about 17 birds with one stone that day. Results are as follows: (and all the rest of the party pics- 'cause there are a LOT) are here.


Campbell Rose


Elle was a ham, as usual.
ok, these sunglasses were TOO cute. I hope mom is ok with her being on my blog. Check here for the rest of the party pics.

Macy LOVED her mini-horse. I mean, LOVED it. It was awesome. The photos are proof.


Stephanie & Scott said...

thanks so much for taking some pics of macy! they are adorable --- and i'm so glad to have some pictures of macy waving while on the horse!
thank you!!!

Summers said...

UHMMM CAN YOU SAY AWESOME??!! Very nice Mrs. Rhodes...very nice in deed. And can your ( you and Kristins) girls have any more BLUE eyes??! I guess I am jealous cause me and Anna got the doo doo brown eyes ( as your husband would say). I am super excited that you are on your way with photography...I hope we can both benefit from that some day.