Tuesday, July 15, 2008

People Eleanor Loves

Nikki and I were talking the other day about Eleanor and love. Of course, everyone has heard a million times about how much you love your children, beyond your wildest expectations, blah blah blah. What has been surprising in these first 7 months or so, however, is how it affects us when other people love Eleanor. When someone loves Eleanor, I seem to connect with them in a new way. I'm grateful to them for loving that which I love the most.

This is one of the main reasons why we love hanging out with our parents so much. Milestones and new skills happen all the time with Eleanor. Some of them are pretty important (crawling), some of them are less than earth-shattering (hair seems to be 1/8" longer than 6 months ago). But regardless of how unimportant some of these things seem to most people, even to close friends with children of their own, these things are never unimportant to our parents. With who else can we talk for 30 minutes about the syllables she can pronounce, or the fact that she likes this toy but not that one, or the noises she makes when we drive in the car? Only four people in the world care as much about that stupid stuff as Nikki and I do: our parents. We love them so much, and they all make Eleanor smile more than anyone, often more than we do. I'm not making that up.

So here are a few pictures of Eleanor with the four people she loves the most.






Angel2 said...

Ok, it's been months since I checked up on your daughter- she's GORGEOUS! Really, she has precious delicate features, such a little lady.

Oh, and the tutu- to die for! Amazing pics!

The Pereira Family said...

The last picture is so funny! I miss that sweet little girl.....and we live in the same town!! What's wrong with this situation???