Monday, February 15, 2010

a new beginning

Alright, folks.
First, we're alive.
Second, Jeremy just reminded me that we need to change the name of our blog, because our 4th member will be here in about a month! Suggestions welcome:)
Third, we took Eleanor to see Sesame Street Live! the other day, and let me tell you, it was b.a.d. (like the michael jackson bad, not like the bad-bad). Just to give you a hint, Elle squealed with such delight when all of the characters came out that I cried. Yes, I cried. I couldn't help it-- she was just SO happy. (and I am SO hormonal). either way, it was a fab family date. I highly recommend it. Photos below.
Fourth, Everett Ray Rhodes is scheduled to make his debut on March 26 at 10am. Counting the days!
Fifth, since our last post was almost a year ago, thought I should mention that RedBird Photography has a new website and blog. Check it out!

the count
these elmo balloons were super-cute, but they were $10 (for a BALLOON!), and unbelievably almost every child but mine got one. (who are these people? I already bought the freakin' tickets)
my loves
cookie monster in tye-dye
our FAV: abby- cadaby
p.s.- I forgot to mention that the title of this blog is the name of Lori Chafer's (of waterdeep)solo album. It's great, you should check it out.